Esther Mace Interview

Esther Mace | What do you do? I’m a printmaker, painter, comic artist and general drawer. A lot of my work is experimental; more bad than good comes out of it! My works often focus around controversial themes, especially those that are considered ‘taboo’. What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? …


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Elizabeth Dodson Interview

Elizabeth Dodson @HomeZada | What do you do? HomeZada is an online home management solution that helps homeowners manage their homes through the entire homeowner lifecycle … from owning, selling and buying a home. Tracking home inventory, home improvement projects, home maintenance and home finances is key to making sure your home is operating properly. … Continue reading Elizabeth Dodson Interview

Ricardo Penders Interview

Ricardo Penders | What do you do? full-time online affiliate marketing and coaching people and small business owners to start with online marketing and earn a residual income with that. My speciality is Pro Blogging and monetizing it of course by using all sorts of marketing strategies. The next big thing I’m teaching and promoting … Continue reading Ricardo Penders Interview

Opulentworx (OPWORX.COM) Interview

Opulentworx (OPWORX.COM) @opulentworx | What do you do? Web Development, Hosting, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, and more! We provide an all-in-one web solution for any size business. What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? The mobile revolution is changing the way users interact with each other, and businesses. We are constantly … Continue reading Opulentworx (OPWORX.COM) Interview

James Gabele Interview

James Gabele | What do you do? I provide digital asset management (DAM) solutions and services as well as storage solutions. What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? I see four challenges in digital asset management: 1) There is a growing need to link digital asset management (DAM) with either … Continue reading James Gabele Interview

Joshua blake Interview

Joshua blake | What do you do? Fine artist photography, painting and printmaking. What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? The appropriation of kitsche works, less understanding of what is being represented and why. What opportunities and challenges will these changes bring about? More arguments that lead to enlightenment. What are … Continue reading Joshua blake Interview

Spaghetti Coder Interview

Spaghetti Coder | What do you do? I’m a generative art designer who uses creative coding to explore new audiovisual boundaries. I use data, maths, video, sound and interaction as my tools to create some pieces of artwork. I like to mix different types of medium to create more powerful and cohesive art expressions. What … Continue reading Spaghetti Coder Interview

Automotive Architecture Interview

Automotive Architecture by Japan Printing @utoArchitecture | What do you do? Automotive Architecture designs bespoke beautiful pieces of architecture that not only store their clients cars in a warm secure environment but displays them providing a place for the owners and guests to relax and appreciate their investment. Specialised areas could include: a place to … Continue reading Automotive Architecture Interview

Steve Evans Interview for Printing Japan

Steve Evans for Printing Japan Company @PlethoraOfJunk | What do you do? I sell most any thing vintage. All types of glass ware, housewares, advertising, silver items, etc. What are the biggest changes you see happening in your industry? This industry is shifting more to online sales. I have witnessed more than a few retail … Continue reading Steve Evans Interview for Printing Japan